Skeleton Press is actively seeking new fiction and we are particularly open to “awkward” projects. By that we mean something that a more mainstream publisher might reject because it does not fit comfortably into a popular genre or format. Skeleton has low overheads and we are willing to take a chance. However we are still very selective.

We look for three things in any potential project:

  1. An instantly compelling idea
  2. Strong writing
  3. An author willing to get out there and sell their own work

On that third point, we don't expect you to stand on a street corner with a box of books—although, feel free—but you need to have an angle. Perhaps you write a controversial blog with many subscribers? Perhaps you do regular readings or maintain a busy web site? Perhaps your mum owns a chain of bookshops…

If Skeleton sounds like the right publisher for your work, let’s hear it. In the first instance, send us an “elevator pitch” expressing your idea in a compact form that gives us the urge to know more. About a page is the right length. Include a short biography so we get a feel for who you are. If you have writing samples somewhere on the web, feel free to include links. Contact us here.