Crap Ghosts

“Crap Ghosts is one of the most concentrated jolts of reading pleasure you’re likely to come across in this or any other life.”—Ken MacLeod.

Throughout history, few civilizations have sufficiently prepared their deceased for the afterlife. In this collection, mankind faces the dreadful consequences.

A notorious grand vizier returns in the form of a soft furnishing. Wartime romance leads to an eerie cuppa in the present day.

Undead fingers reach for the controls of a doomed aircraft. An American TV crew finds more than they bargained for in Fife's most haunted hotel. And an all-too-solid phantom forecasts the worst Scottish railway disaster in a hundred years.

Sixteen stories of substandard spooks and inadequate apparitions. Featuring a scholarly introduction by Dr Lynn Holden.

64 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-1-906252-00-7.